Specializing in watercolor, with my art I like to expose poignant, offbeat and humorous moments in the natural world.

I came out of the womb ready to study the likes of Beatrix potter and Hilary knight and other children's book illustrators whose works I poured over for hour upon hour. I've hardly changed I'm proud to say ;)
Grew up in a rural'esque town in Ct and a family that revered and loved animals, early on i combined my love for animals and the natural world with my love of painting and drawing.
With age and 'hard knock life lessons' years later attending art school in New York
City, my humor developed a certain sarcasm and irreverence I like to unleash ever so daintily from time to time with my work. It's a tough world out there with no guarantees, all lessons I've had to learn and relearn as I grow older, but I always return to my cozy crew of chickens, cats, dogs, bunnies, wombats etc., as they can't help but bring out the boundless child in me that runs barefoot through the woods mouth wide open with awe and wonder.
My most numerous products are my greeting cards, fun to produce as well as be
fairly prolific, my history with greeting cards goes back to when I was a little child and first folded a piece of paper in half. To this day I have never bought a greeting card, just always made my own, and the thought of turning it into a business of didn't come until years later. I try and treat my cards now the way I always have as far back as a kid, as little works of art not merely 'cards' or 'afterthoughts' they deserve to be little 'events' themselves when opened, and I always enjoy hearing something to that extent from my customers.
Still loving working with paper, years later I grew more sculptural with my work, turning some of these characters of mine into actual three dimensional artworks, through a lot of trial and error, various glues, blood sweat and glitter, my other line of paper sculptures came into existence. Depending on my work
schedule etc. you may see one or two or a bunch, I dearly love creating them but it's a very laborious process taking many many hours to do. The result however, I think is pretty darn special if I do say so myself, and as far as I know I haven't seen anything else like it out there...
I suppose that's enough of my story for the present. Just an ever creative, emotional and passionate guy from the Connecticut now living in New York City trying to make a go with his art. Grateful for venues like etsy, and it's been a really fun learning process since 2009.
Maybe I'll write more later, or maybe not ;) but one thing is I certainly welcome any questions you may have. If you've gotten this far I salute you and thank you for your time :)

Kind regards and thanks,
Tyler Maclean Humphreys
'Tyler's Workshop'

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